Membership of CHISEL

We are very pleased that once again we are able to take applications from tenants for shareholding membership of CHISEL. Membership has been open to all tenants since 10th February 2020, after a review of the Membership Policy by the Board.

We look forward to receiving applications from tenants.

According to the CHISEL Rules (the official document by which we are governed) the Board has to review eligibility for membership as outlined below and decide on each application.

CHISEL's Board consider applications at each meeting. If you want your application to be considered at the next meeting, please:

∙ request an application form from us

∙ return it completed

Your request for an application form should be sent by either

email: [email protected], or

or post: CHISEL, 188a Brockley Rd, SE4 2RL. We will send you an application form and instructions.

Reasons you would not be able to become a member:

  • if you are not a current tenant of CHISEL
  • if you have been an employee of CHISEL in the last twelve months;
  • if you have a business relationship with CHISEL;
  • if your membership would lead to an unacceptable conflict of interest with CHISEL;
  • if you are in breach of your tenancy agreement.

If you're in any doubt about your status, please check by emailing [email protected], or email to [email protected] or if email is difficult for you, contact the office by phone.

Shareholders’ legal responsibilities

You must agree:

  • to act at all times in the interests of the Association
  • to be bound by the obligations set out in the Association's rules
  • to attend and vote at the AGM – and make sure to send apologies if you can't attend – otherwise your membership could expire
  • to have CHISEL's aims and interests in mind and to promote these in the local community.
Further review of shareholding membership

Other categories of membership are still closed. This is under review. Other people may be able to apply to become 'independent' members in future, but the Board are still considering the fairest way to organise this.

If you have views about this matter, and how best to ensure that membership is equally spread across CHISEL and the wider community, please send your feedback to the Board members involved in this review, by email to [email protected] or by post c/o the Company Secretary.



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