Staff Contact Details

All CHISEL staff work part time. You are welcome to send us an email or phone us on the days we are in the office. The office is normally open Monday-Thursday 9-5, and closed on Fridays.

SPauline Goodfellow – Managing Director

Pauline works 3 days per week. Pauline is responsible for the overall running of CHISEL. Please contact Pauline if you have any general questions about CHISEL’s aims or policies, or are interested in CHISEL membership or CHISEL’s Board of Management.

Email Pauline at [email protected]

Dezrine Biko – Operations Manager

Dezrine works Monday to Thursday.  Please contact Dezrine about housing management, moving or tenancy issues and about anti-social behaviour and general neighbourhood problems. You should also contact Dezrine if you have a query on a long term maintenance issue, such as a kitchen replacement or cyclical decorations.

Email Dezrine at [email protected]

 Flos Marriott – Rents Officer

Flos works Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact Flos if you have a query about your rent or have problems paying your rent on time.

Email Flos at [email protected]



Shuk-Ling Hou – Finance Officer

Shuk-Ling works on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please contact Shuk-Ling if you are expecting a payment, for example for a rent refund Shuk-Ling will be able to tell you when the payment was issued.

Email Shuk-Ling at [email protected]

 NigelNigel Spice – Finance Manager

The Finance Manager  is Nigel Spice.  Nigel is normally in on Mondays and Thursdays.  The Finance Manager prepares financial reports for the Finance Committee and Board.

Email Nigel at [email protected]


Mark for websiteMark Allan – Co-ops & Tenants Officer

Mark works on Mondays and Thursdays. Mark would like to hear from you if you are interested in how to get more involved with CHISEL’s work or in scrutinising what we do. Mark is also the person to contact about the CHISEL newsletter and our website. If you are a member of a co-op, contact Mark about co-op issues.

Email Mark at [email protected]


If you need to report a maintenance problem, please go to Report A Repair