Moving to a CHISEL Home

If your home is self-contained, you are responsible for paying the gas, electricity, and water companies for their charges for providing these services to your home. There is a wide choice of energy suppliers – see your phone book or do a search online.

You must register to have these supplies put in your name from the date your tenancy starts, and you should arrange to have the meters read at the same time. You will have to give the companies as much notice as you can as it could take some time to reconnect the supply.

You will also have to let the local Council (Council Tax Section) know that you have moved in, otherwise we will have to pass on your details. If the property you are moving into is self-contained, then you are responsible for paying the Council Tax. If you are unsure, please check with the Housing Manager.

Any queries

If you have a query about your home or tenancy you should contact the Operations Manager. It is best to contact them by phone or email in the first instance and they can make an appointment to meet you if required.

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