How we calculate your rent

calculating rentAll our tenancies start on a Monday. Your rent is payable weekly and in advance. Therefore your first week's rent will be due on the day your tenancy starts, and you will need to pay a week's rent in advance every Monday.

You can also pay your rent each calendar month. You must remember to multiply the week's rent by 52 (weeks in the year) and divide by 12 (months in the year). Rent paid monthly must still be paid in advance, to prevent you going into arrears at any time in the month.

Occasionally (about every four years) the rent year has 53 weeks instead of 52 weeks, to keep in line with the calendar year. When this happens, you need to calculate your monthly payment by multiplying by 53, not 52. We will warn you in advance when this occurs.

For security reasons, please never send cash through the post, and our staff cannot accept rent payments while they are out on visits. For information on how to pay rent please see How do I pay rent?

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