You are responsible for decorating the inside of your home.

If you live in houses shared with other single people, CHISEL is responsible for communal areas and you are responsible for your own room.

Redecorating after repairs

If we carry out repairs and, as a result, damage or disturb your decorations we will usually offer you a decorations allowance to pay for the cost of redecorating the affected area. In some cases we will make good the affected area - this normally means redecorating only the part of the room affected by the work.

If we need to take up a laminate florring to carry out essential work or access, you are responsible for its replacement.


We are responsible for decorating the outside of your home.  We inspect the exterior of each property every 5-6 years, to identify any required external works and/or decoration, to carry out as part of our planned cyclical works programme.  We will try to give at least 48 hours notice when arranging for access to carry out inspections, repairs and painting, and we ask for your co-operation in leaving windows open during painting.

Communal areas

We are responsible for redecorating shared hallways, staircases and other communal areas. This work is carried out when we consider it necessary. In many instances tenants may like to get together to paint shared hallways, in which case we will consider giving a decorations allowance to cover the cost of materials.

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