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Anyone who is a CHISEL shareholder can stand for election to our Board at the Annual General Meeting - for details and how to apply, please see

We have a maximum Board membership of 12 and our rules require that tenants should fill at least one third but no more than two-thirds of the places. Current membership is as follows:

Louise Owen - Chair

Louise Owen became a Tenant Member of CHISEL Board in July 2018. She joined CHISEL in the 1990s to build her home. Louise lives at Greenstreet with her grown up children. She works in the local area doing maintenance and decorating as well as catering and community cooking projects. Louise joined the Board to assist CHISEL to continue to provide affordable quality homes, alongside finding ways to engage more fellow residents to develop the social housing community that is our CHISEL.

Iris Garrelfs - Assistant Secretary

I am a tenant board member, having been on the board since 2019 and a CHISEL tenant since 2007. So, it probably comes as no surprise to hear that tenant relationships are important to me. I started in shared housing so would love to see the development of more options for that within CHISEL. At the same time, financial pressures inject a certain amount of realism into that view. Outside CHISEL, I am a sound artist and composer and work part time at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Michaela Clare

I first became involved in CHISEL in 2019 when I was co-opted as an independent board member. I wanted to be able to use my skills to benefit the community I live in and enjoy working in tenant led organisations. I have 30 years’ experience as a Housing Manager and have worked for Local Authorities, charities, housing associations and co-ops.

Joanna Van Der Meer

Jo has been involved with social housing for decades starting with being a founder member of Anerley Housing Co-operative which began life in the late 1970s. This evolved from a 'squatters union' formed when she and others were squatting abandoned council properties.   She was involved with the purchase of properties and renovation projects for the co-op.  She has been a housing officer in the past and currently works for a homeless charity.

Scott Hyde

I have over 20 years of governance and risk experience, including working for two of the largest Housing Associations in the UK.  My current work is focused on Governance and Regulatory compliance within the NHS. I joined the CHISEL Board in 2020 as a co-opted member and I am a long-term Lewisham resident.

Melisa Chester

Melisa is a qualified accountant with the ACCA body where she now has fellowship status, she has over 10 years’ housing sector experience. She is extremely passionate about the UK housing crisis and the need to be able to provide affordable and sustainable homes. She works at Peabody as a Group Development Finance Manager focusing on project reviews, statutory audit as well as reporting to senior management. She has worked within change and transformation aligning policies and procedures. Having worked across various finance functions, with an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals needed to drive efficiency and productivity within finance. A key understanding on how the different functions coexist to enable the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.

Matt Robinson (co-opted board member)

Matt Robinson has over 20 years’ experience in financial services where he has set up and run change and transformation teams in both large and small financial firms. He has implemented new financial technology and products like pensions, mortgages, and savings platforms. He operates as a financial coach helping people to become more knowledgeable and confident with their money. He also coaches new business startups and has his own startup called Get Zero that helps young people develop green skills.

Kerry Collins (co-opted board member)

I am a non-practising solicitor having practised housing litigation for 12 years. I have worked for Peabody Trust and Family Mosaic Housing Associations as a solicitor and Peabody Trust as a Project Manager. Prior to that I worked for Steeles Law and Prince Evans Solicitors.  I now work as a Project Manager and am currently employed by Moat Housing Association within the Transformation Team. I was born in Kennington and now live in Greenwich.

Kate Brunning (co-opted board member)

I have significant experience of developing, implementing and operating governance and business support functions in housing associations and other not for profit organisations. I have lived in Brockley for 30 years and would welcome this opportunity to work with and support a small social housing provider operating in my local community.”

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