How long will repairs take?

If the repair is our responsibility, the Operations Manager will let you know what priority it has and how long it will take. This will depend on what type of repair it is. Please remember that although you feel the repair is very urgent, we can only deal with it according to the priority it has.


A problem which immediately threatens the health safety or security of a tenant or member of the public.

More problems will be considered as emergencies where one or more occupants are disabled, seriously ill, over the age of 70, a baby or a pre-school child.

Examples of emergencies are: total loss of water, electricity or gas (except where cut off by supplier); blocked gas flue; major roof leak; major plumbing leak where water cannot be turned off; collapsed ceiling; blocked external drains; unusable toilet where no alternative is available.

Target Time: within 24 hours of reporting


A problem which causes serious discomfort to occupants or is likely to cause serious damage to the property.

Examples of urgent repairs are: plumbing leaks, no hot water, no heating, toilet not flushing.

Target Time: within 7 days of reporting

Short-Term and Medium Term

These cover most other day-to-day repairs to woodwork, brickwork, plaster, non-urgent plumbing and non-urgent electrical work. These repairs will be categorised as short-term or medium term by the person commissioning the work, based on their judgement as to how urgently the repair is needed. The tenant will be advised of the category on the Repair Order, which is sent to them within one day of reporting the repair.

Target Times:
Short-Term within 14 days of reporting
Medium-Term within 28 days of reporting


This covers repairs which cause no immediate discomfort to the tenant or damage to the property.

Examples are: fencing repairs, minor carpentry, damaged kitchen units, floor covering replacement.

Target Time: within 90 days of reporting.