Board of Management

CHISEL is run by a Board of Management, which has ultimate responsibility for all our affairs. The Board meets a minimum of 5 times a year. Its membership is made up of CHISEL tenants and individual members, with a minimum of a third of places reserved for tenants. All Board members must also be members of CHISEL.

In addition to the Board, there is an Operational Scrutiny Committee, which meets 3 times a year and reports to the Board. The Operational Scrutiny Committee is made up of members of the Board and tenants appointed by Board, although it may co-opt other members to join it if it chooses.

Finance matters are dealt with by the Board of Management.

The Board is recruiting new Tenant Members in 2018 – please go to the Recruitment menu at the top of the page if you are interested.

Board of Management and Operational Scrutiny Committee members as at 30 November 2017 are listed below.

CHISEL Board of Management

Chair: David Eatwell

Treasurer: John Clark

Vice-Chair:  post vacant till 30th November 2017 Board meeting

Members:   Adrian Adams (Tenant), Sandra Blake (Individual), John Clark (Individual), Peter Coker (Tenant),    David Eatwell (Individual), Fiona Jamieson (Individual), Joseph Leach (Individual),  Dave Shiress (Individual), Leo Stevens (Individual), Des Waters (Individual).

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Operational Scrutiny Committee

Co-ordinator: Adrian Adams

Members: Adrian Adams, Rupert Hughes, Jo van der Meer, Louise Owen, Vic Sievey, Peter Webb