Board of Management

CHISEL is run by a Board of Management, which has ultimate responsibility for all our affairs. The Board meets a minimum of 5 times a year. Its membership is made up of CHISEL tenants and individual members, with a minimum of a third of places reserved for tenants. All Board members must also be members of CHISEL.

In addition to the Board, there are three committees:

Tenants Scrutiny Committee (previously called the Operational Scrutiny Committee), which meets 4 times a year and reports to the Board. The Tenants Scrutiny Committee is made up of members of the Board and tenants appointed by Board, although it may co-opt other members to join it if it chooses.

Audit & Risk Committee deals with finance and compliance matters. It meets four times per year.

The Remuneration & Nominations Committee deals with employment matters, and membership of Board and Committees. It meets 2 times per year.

Company Secretary: the Company Secretary is Carmen White, Chief Executive.

Board and Committee members as at July 2021 are listed below.

CHISEL Board of Management

Chair: Louise Owen

Vice-Chair: Carolyn Wilson

Treasurer: vacant

Assistant Secretary: Iris Garrelfs

Members:  Michaela Clare (Individual), Iris Garrelfs (Tenant), Louise Owen (Tenant), Jo Van Der Meer (Tenant), Carolyn Wilson (Tenant).  Also two co-opted individuals who are present at Board but do not have full voting rights: Scott Hyde and Melisa Chester.

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Tenants Scrutiny Committee (TSC)

(Previously called the Operational Scrutiny Committee)

Co-ordinator: Scott Hyde

Tenant Members: Errol Hall, Rupert Hughes, Vic Sievey. Board member: Scott Hyde

Audit & Risk Committee

Members: Michaela Clare, Iris Garrelfs and Melisa Chester. Officers are ex officio members: Louise Owen, Carolyn Wilson. Joe Leach is a co-optee on this Committee - he was previously a Board member and Treasurer .

Remuneration & Nominations Committee

Chair: Scott Hyde

Members: Scott Hyde, Carolyn Wilson, Michaela Clare, Jo van der Meer, Iris Garrelfs.

Staff member servicing Committee: Carmen White, Chief Executive.

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