Board of Management

CHISEL is run by a Board of Management, which has ultimate responsibility for all our affairs. The Board meets a minimum of 4 times a year. Its membership is made up of CHISEL residents and individual members.

In addition to the Board, there are three committees:

Tenants Scrutiny Committee is currently being re-established as part of our new Resident Engagement Strategy

The Finance, Assets, Audit & Risk Committee (FRAAC) deals with finance and compliance matters. It meets four times per year.

The Remuneration & Nominations Committee deals with employment matters, and membership of Board and Committees. It meets 2 times per year.

Company Secretary: Miles Lanham, Chief Executive.

Board and Committee members as at March 2024 are listed below.

CHISEL Board of Management

Chair: Louise Owen

Members: Iris Garrelfs, Scott Hyde, Melisa Chester, Matt Robinson, Kerry Collins, and Kate Brunning

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Finance, Asset, Audit & Risk Committee

Chair: Scott Hyde.

Remuneration & Nominations Committee

Chair: Michaela Clare

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