Important letter to Chisel residents living in homes currently managed by Three Boroughs Co-op.

CHISEL Housing
188A Brockley Road
SE24 4RL

31st January 2024

Dear Resident,

As you’ll remember from the consultation in 2022, CHISEL has come to the decision to part ways with Three Boroughs Co-op as the managers for your home. This was agreed by the CHISEL Board in 2022 and then later at an Annual General Meeting of CHISEL shareholders, Three Boroughs were expelled as shareholders.

This means that in three months’ time, CHISEL will carry out all the functions that Three Boroughs currently provide to you, like repairs and tenancy management. You will also pay your rent directly to CHISEL. There will be no increase in your rent save for the government determined CPI +1% which we will ask Three Boroughs to start to collect from April 2024.

CHISEL, as a small housing association is committed to local management, and our offices are based in Brockley near to your home and neighbourhood. As the government introduces much more regulation around how housing associations need to deliver services, the CHISEL board realised that this would be more successfully accomplished through directly managing your housing services.

You’ll be pleased to know that we are developing an exciting new Resident Engagement framework, which will encourage a variety of ways to ensure that your voice is heard with us. We will of course be in touch with you so that you can help shape this service.

We also have decided to move our staffing as much as possible to resident-facing colleagues and have a new Neighbourhood Manager and in-house Surveyor joining the CHISEL team. All our colleagues will be encouraged to visit and see residents face-to-face wherever possible.

These new colleagues will also be scoping our investment programme to ensure that your homes are warm and safe for you to live in, and any repairs are carried out promptly.

Even though Three Boroughs will have nothing to do with your homes going forward, you can still be part of their co-op, and if they are able to allocate you a property from another landlord, you could move in there.

Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you, and my team will be in touch nearer the date with advice and support about the transition. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by email, [email protected]

With kind regards

Miles Lanham,
Chief Executive, CHISEL

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