Dear Residents,

I just thought that I’d reach out again to the members of the CHISEL family who are managed by the Three Boroughs Housing Co-op.

Chanice, Jordan and I really enjoyed meeting so many of you a couple of Mondays ago in Deptford. I felt that it was a positive conversation, and I really heard the passion that some of you have for the current arrangements.

You’ll know that we were consulting because we have served a termination notice on Three Boroughs as managing agent for our properties in which you live.

In case you weren’t at the meeting, we also discussed a ‘third way’ which should enable you to remain as Three Boroughs members, but where we take on responsibility for repairs, and you pay your rent directly to us. We would then not pay Three Boroughs any management fees. This is similar to the arrangements we have with Flamenco Housing Co-operative, another member of the CHISEL family.

Although not agreed yet, I thought it was worth reiterating that I could see this working for us, and although I’m told it would take some changes in the rules of Three Boroughs, I would be interested in discussing this further.

Although some change is inevitable and that is always difficult, I hope that I have demonstrated that CHISEL is listening to you. As always, please contact me (email is best) if you have any further questions or suggestions.

With kind regards


[email protected]

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