Texting CHISEL

We go live with a new interactive text messaging service on 5 November 2018. It’s never been quicker and easier to stay in touch or get important information.

This service is useful for tenants managed directly by CHISEL. Tenants managed by agents (Three Boroughs HC or Colne HA) should continue to contact their managing agent.

The first step is to register with the service by replying to a welcome text from CHISEL. Then, directly managed tenants can text to 07491 163425

BAL to get your latest balance, or

CARD to order a new payment card, or

DD to ask us to set up or amend a direct debit, or

RENTS (plus a message) to talk to your Housing Officer about your rent account, or

REPAIR (plus a message) to report a repair

We’re also developing new ways to keep in touch with you and get really useful feedback about what we’re doing, how we’re doing and whether we’re getting the important things right.

Just remember to let us know if you’ve added or changed your mobile number.

Don’t delay – save our number today! 07491 163425

Save as CHISEL Text – and please note, it’s a text only number: no voice calls.

For more information on the service: CHISEL text service guide  (pdf)