New to MyTenancy?

New to MyTenancy? Or want to change your password? Use this form.

If you’re a new MyTenancy user you’ll need to contact us to get your username and password. If you want to change your password, contact us by using this form as well.

How to use MyTenancy

  1. CHISEL Tenants who are directly managed by CHISEL can now see your rent account and repairs history online. CHISEL Tenants who are managed by our agents (eg Three Boroughs, LFSA, Colne) won’t see rent info, and will only see repairs managed by CHISEL, usually larger or more complex jobs.
  2. Follow the link to
  3. Enter your username and password –  CHISEL will send them to you by post, and you can also get them from us by contacting our office.
  4. Your username will look like this: CEBLO001 (CE for CHISEL,   BLO for you (if your name is Bloggs)    001 (or 002 or 003 etc) to distinguish you from any other CHISEL tenants with a similar name.)
  5. Your password will look like this:   4X5O60I1  (8 characters, mixture of number and letters)
  6. You can give us a password you prefer  (4-8 characters) and we will change it.
  7. any changes to MyTenancy info take a day to take effect – it is updated overnight

Notes on usernames and passwords:

  • all letters are uppercase (capitals)
  • a capital letter O is round and a zero is oval like this 0 – a capital letter I is plain, and a numeral 1 has a top and a foot
  • your default password will be 8 characters
  • you can’t change it, but CHISEL can if you ask us