Three Year Maintenance Programme

CHISEL now produces a three year rolling maintenance programme. We use this to plan our work such as kitchen renewals, boiler replacements and internal and external decorations of communal areas.

Tenants in good standing have a choice from approved ranges of kitchen units – see the CHISEL Kitchen Specification

2014/15 Maintenance Programme

The following maintenance programme has been agreed for homes in the following locations during 2014/15 (but please note that this programme is subject to change, and renewal or replacement may not happen if a property has already had a replacement since the original fitting):

Internal and external decorating:

Genoa Rd, Thornsett Rd, Birchdene Rd, Silver Birch, Adelaide Ave, Nubia Way

Kitchen renewal:

Parish Wharf, Brockley Park, Lowther Hill, The Diggers

Boiler replacement:

Parish Wharf, Brockley Park, Lowther Hill, The Diggers

Window replacement:

Genoa Rd, Thornsett Rd

For confidentiality reasons we are unable to publish the exact addresses. If you want to know if your home is included in the above list, please contact [email protected]

Proposed 2014/15 Maintenance Programme
Proposed 2015/16 Maintenance Programme

This programme is drafted during our budget setting process and the programme is agreed at our Finance Committee Meeting (but please note this programme is subject to change).

If you are interested in how we spend our overall maintenance budget please contact [email protected]