New Pilot Project for Reporting Antisocial Behaviour

Tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB) is a significant priority for CHISEL, with the level of domestic noise nuisance and neighbourly disputes compounded by circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic. In an attempt to offer an improved and more responsive service to our customers, we have initiated a three month pilot programme for the ‘ASB App’ and out of hours ‘ASB Respect Line service’, starting on 20.12.2021 and due to finalise on 30.03.2022.

As part of this project, residents are encouraged to report instances of antisocial behaviour through the ASB App on their mobile device or by calling the Respect Line phone number for out of hours reports. Residents can raise issues such as noise complaints, vandalism, littering, dog fouling, drug and alcohol misuse, harassment, acts of violence and other incidents causing unreasonable and persistent nuisance.
ASB Respect Line Service

We recognise that many incidents of antisocial behaviour take place out of office hours, when CHISEL staff are unavailable to take reports. During these times, residents can call the Respect Line phone number 0800 075 6699 to report antisocial behaviour as it happens in the community and speak to a case worker with training and experience in managing ASB. Case workers will ask callers for details of the incident, give advice, signpost to support services or contact Police and the Environmental Health Team on their behalf. Please keep in mind that emergency situations or witnessing crime should always be reported to Police first.

The ASB App

The mobile application has been developed to enable residents to record, monitor and report antisocial behaviour in a more accessible and flexible way. The ASB App can be installed on any mobile device with access to the internet and will allow users to make reports and share supporting evidence, such as pictures, videos and audio recordings of incidents. The app will also allow you to complete diary sheets to demonstrate persistent nuisance. Reports can be followed up with a call to the Respect Line number to offer additional details and get advice.

If you would like to download the ASB App, please do get in touch with CHISEL, as this works on an invite-only basis, for those residents who require the service.

CHISEL will keep records of all the reports made via the ASB Respect Line and the ASB App and advise residents on the progress of cases. Users are welcomed to provide feedback about this service and how the functionality could be improved throughout the duration of this pilot.

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