CHISEL Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision

CHISEL – driven by our residents, their needs and aspirations, to deliver sustainable homes, services and communities which make us all proud.

Our Values

Working together to create a CHISEL community.

Collaborative and Co-operative – we are passionate about working together in a positive way both with individuals and groups who share our values.

Honest, Open and Transparent – we believe in acting with integrity at all times, being transparent about our actions and being open and honest about what we can and cannot do.

Involvement and Inclusivity – we are committed to listening to, and acting on, feedback from all our residents; being accountable to our residents and held to account by our members

Sensitive, respectful and fair – we believe in treating everyone we work with as we would like to be treated, valuing people as individuals with different needs and aspirations.

Excellence in everything we do – we are committed to having a “can do” pro-active approach to delivering services, being the best we can be and making a difference every day.

Local – working with residents to understand local issues and build better neighbourhoods

….. Building Trust

Our Aims

  1. CHISEL aims to deliver innovative solutions to provide homes and housing services that are affordable to tenants, high quality and increasingly environmentally sustainable.
  2. CHISEL aims to be an inclusive organisation that invites and supports involvement from its tenants to create a community that is empowered  to build, maintain, improve and have a stake in their homes, and a role in the running of CHISEL and  its services.
  3. CHISEL aims to be financially stable, independent and able to grow to realise the organisation’s aims.